From 2008 to 2011 C4EO was funded by the Department for Education and charged with creating a single and comprehensive picture of effective practice in delivering children's services from local, regional and national evidence.

This picture was built up through the delivery of knowledge sharing events, the synthesis of existing research and the provision of sector support. The C4EO model that we work with today embodied the 'for the sector from the sector' approach through sharing expert practitioner capacity, via 'sector specialists', between local areas.

This site is a repository of the information and research that was created during this period and is free for use by all children’s services professionals.

Today we are commissioned by local areas and services (across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors) and provide a range of products and services to support the children’s services sector.

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Narrowing the Gap

This programme aimed to 'Narrow the Gap' in outcomes between vulnerable and excluded children and others.

Cost Effectiveness


To secure the maximum improvements for children, young people and their families C4EO developed a model to apply to local practice, to help assess the cost of effective interventions at a time of reducing resources.