What are children and young people saying?

I may not have speech, but I have a voice. I can give opinions, I can even argue!

DC Manifesto (EDCM)


We need centres where we can go and do stuff like play darts, snooker, chess maybe, and do arty or creative things, listen to music.

If I Could Change One Thing (EDCM report)

Children and young people's views on C4EO:


Young girl in wheelchair

Our three main research areas

  • How to give disabled children (up to aged eight) better lives
  • How disabled children and young people can take part in positive activities
  • How disabled children and young people and their families can get the right help for their specific needs.

Some key messages from our research

Disabled children and young people can have many different needs. Some are very vulnerable to issues like child poverty. So it's really important they get help as soon as possible. We call this an 'early intervention'.

It is important to involve disabled young people in discussions and decisions about the care and services they receive.

Want to find out more?

Council for Disabled Children.

These reports tell you in detail what young people have said about this topic: