What are very young children and their parents saying?

They (nursery staff) always play with me and love me. If they did not want to play with me, that would be a bad adult. If they didn't listen to me that would be bad too. (Nursery child)

C4EO Early Years (Final Summary)


Being interested in what your child does and showing them that their likes and dislikes matter helps develop their confidence. By showing your child the importance of reading and learning it encourages them to be hungry for more. (Mum)

C4EO Early Years (Final Summary)

Children and young people's views on C4EO:
Early Years


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Our three main research areas

  • Giving children the best help possible in their early years (under 5 years)
  • Supporting family-based learning
  • Getting children's services for early years working together really well.

Some key messages from our research

Children's early years are very important. What happens in your early years can really affect your chances in life. Giving children secure, safe and happy childhoods helps them make the most of their talents and abilities as they grow up.

Very young children can need help with many issues, like disability or child poverty. It's very important that these children and their families get the right help as quickly as possible. We call this 'early intervention'.

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