What are children and young people saying?

My parents are horrible to each other – Dad's an alcoholic, and constantly shouts at me and Mum. In all my life, I don't think he's ever said something nice to me.

Child Line Case Notes on Mental Health


It's not my mum's fault, she can cope with the kids, but not the problems around her.

C4EO – Children's Experiences of Safeguarding Interventions

Children and young people's views on C4EO:
Families, Parents and Carers


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Our three main research areas

  • The relationship between the physical and mental health of mothers, fathers and carers and improving the wellbeing of their children
  • Improving children's lives by helping their parents and carers cope with family conflict for example, divorce and domestic violence
  • Supporting parents and carers in improving their childrens behaviour so they can achieve their potential

Some key messages from our research

Where parents and carers are having problems, e.g. going through divorce or alcohol related problems, the children in those homes should also receive support.

Services that work with adults with drug, alcohol or mental health problems should always check to see if those adults are parents or carers so the children can be supported early on. Teaching children about relationships, from an early age is also important. Some young people said that services that are anonymous (e.g. that do not ask for your name or address) are very popular.

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