What are children and young people saying?

If I could change anything in the world I would like children to be safe.

If I Could Change One Thing (EDCM)


Safe means you feel physically and emotionally protected, that you're not going to come to any harm. One of the most important things is to feel safe.

C4EO Final Report from Action for Children


Children and young people's views on C4EO:


Young boy holding hands with his parents

Our main research areas

  • Why some families do not get the help they need
  • What is the best way of supporting families who need help

Some key messages from our research

Some families welcome outside help and are keen to sort out their issues. Other families are more complicated. They can be difficult to work with.

It is important that social workers listen to the views of the families (including children and young people) and explain the procedures to them, and keep them informed and involved.

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