What are children and young people saying?

I had too many personal issues, so school was not a priority.

What Makes a Difference? Project for children in care and care leavers.


In my first year of high school I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. The pastoral care at school was very good…Now I really enjoy school.

C4EO Schools and Communities (Findings from a survey of young people aged 10 – 18)

Children and young people's views on C4EO:
Schools and Communities


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Our three main research areas

  • Get a better education and boost the self-confidence of pupils who need extra help
  • How we make sure all pupils go through all the key stages (transitions) smoothly
  • How parents and carers can help with pupils' learning.

Some key messages from our research

It is important to give parents and carers support to help with their children's learning. Schools should build on pupil's strengths and interests in order to help them achieve and identify problems early. While most pupils make successful transitions, e.g. from primary to secondary school, some pupils can find the change difficult, so all schools should put in place good transition plans so pupils can adjust well to the new environment.

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These reports tell you in detail what young people have said about this topic: