What young people saying?

I've had to learn how to iron, clean my room, wash pots. It's important that a carer helps you learn how to be independent.

C4EO Final Report from Action for Children


They helped me to stop taking drugs.

Emotional Well Being Report 2010: A National Voice.

Children and young people's views on C4EO:


Group of smiling teenagers

Our three main research areas

  • Getting more young people doing positive activities
  • Giving some groups of young people targetted support, for example teenage parents
  • Boosting young people's health, safety and wellbeing by cutting down how much alcohol they drink.

Some key messages from our research

Our research suggests getting young people doing positive activities helps develop self-esteem and confidence. This improves their relationships with peers and with adults, especially teachers and parents. Ideally, lots of activities should be offered to young people. And it seems the more positive activities they do the better the results.

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National Youth Agency.

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