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What we offer

C4EO - What we offer

C4EO provides a range of support to drive positive change in the delivery of children’s services, and ultimately out­comes for children, young people and their families. This includes:

  • Rapid access to expert knowledge, data, practice and support
  • All evidence based – so you know it works
  • Everything in one place – a one-stop-shop
  • Links the best research, most robust data and excellent local practice
  • Simplifies and shares the latest evidence of ‘what works’
  • Relevant to the key priorities which improve outcomes for children
  • Backed by real experts across the sector, including Local Authorities, health and voluntary organisations
  • Trusted, reliable support – delivered by accredited local expert practitioners
  • Opt-in service (non-compulsory) offering local areas a choice of support
  • Bespoke service – able to support national, regional and local priorities

Bespoke Packages

C4EO offers a wide range of services and can tailor solutions to meet your needs. Bespoke packages of support can include a combination of C4EO’s products and services, across one or several themes, for national, regional or local priorities. These packages make best use of resources and offer a cost effective means of skill and knowledge transfer.

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