Adoption, Fostering and permanency planning

In addition to the C4EO knowledge reviews and services around looked after children, C4EO works in the field of Adoption, Fostering and permanency planning by collecting further local practice examples to add to the body of knowledge for this vulnerable group of young people and by offering Sector Specialist ‘peer to peer’ Tailored Support.

Effective Local Practice

C4EO works with local areas and services (across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors) to gather examples of excellent local practice which have led to significantly improved outcomes for children, young people and their families. Examples are assessed by a panel of sector experts who consider them against robust criteria, including the ability for other local areas to implement and use this 'best' practice.

Guide: Adoption and Permanency planning and support services: practice into implementation [PDF, 268KB]

The Tailored Support Offer

C4EO want to support Local Authorities to work in partnership with the Courts and CAFCASS to deliver radical redesign of systems - bringing Court work, the Looked after Child processes and family finding and placements together through to achieve permanency in a timely way for all children. C4EO is well placed to provide sector specialist ‘peer to peer’ Tailored Support to help review practice and move forward to implement the reform of adoption to improve the quality and timeliness of services. Adoption, Care Planning and Routes to Permanence:

Improving children’s outcomes by supporting the transformation of Family Finding [PDF, 807KB]

Further Reading

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