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C4EO recognises that not all useful knowledge about what works and why, is to be found in research report and papers.

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You can search our current body of evidence using our search function or you can browse through our validated and promising examples. C4EO is constantly adding new examples of effective local practice across all themes and we continue to welcome any submissions.

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Sharing the evidence of 'what works' in local areas

C4EO works with local areas and services (across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors) to gather examples of excellent local practice which have led to significantly improved outcomes for children, young people and their families. Examples are assessed by a panel of sector experts who consider them against robust criteria, including the ability for other local areas to implement and use this 'best' practice.

C4EO shares this evidence to inspire best practice across regions and local areas, and incorporates examples into reviews of 'what works' for each theme. Increasingly, validated local practice is also being assessed for its cost-effectiveness, giving leaders and managers the unit cost of interventions and supporting the social return on investment.

Validated local practice

a clear description, strong rationale and strong evidence of impact and outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Promising practice

a clear description, good rationale and some evidence of impact and outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Emerging practice

a clear description and rationale with clearly defined steps identified towards service redesign and/or transformation. There may be little or no evidence yet of impact and outcomes for children, young people and their families.


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Latest local practice examples

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Positive Peers: capitalising on young people’s friendship groups, Tower Hamlets


Promising practice


more details...

Coram Ealing Children Centre Outreach Service


Promising practice

Early Years

more details...

Submitting an example needs to be supported by evidence showing outcomes and changes that have been achieved. The result is a substantial bank of quality assured local practice which has improved the lives of children, young people or their families.

How to run a robust validation process

This guide provides recommendations on how to run a robust process for validating examples of local practice interventions developed to improve outcomes.

Validating Local Practice - from concept to validation

This guide describes the thinking and process stages for organisations and individuals wishing to examine and evaluate their local practice with a view to its validation.

Recent calls for evidence

Please note we are no longer receiving submissions for good practice examples and will be unable to respond to requests.

Validated Local Practice calls

Improving frontline social work practice and supervision in safeguarding:

Working alongside the Children’s Improvement Board, C4EO is currently keen to receive practice examples – from local authorities and their partner agencies in the public, voluntary and/or private sector – which have been introduced to improve the wellbeing and life chances of children, young people and their families by increasing capacity in frontline social work practice and improving supervision in safeguarding.

We are particularly keen to hear from local areas who have:

  • Used “champions” or “change agents” at Team Leader/Manager level as part of an improvement programme on social work supervision and practice. These may be consultants, appointed associates, interim appointments, or secondments both from within the agency and external to it.
  • Used peer secondment or regional support programmes to provide peer to peer support and to coach, support and mentor social work and safeguarding colleagues.
  • Worked to ensure sustained peer contact within a framework of professional development and reflective practice, learning and workforce development, which has had a tangible impact on service outcomes.

Read more about improving frontline social work practice and supervision in safeguarding.

Request for Local Practice Examples: raising the educational attainment of children and young people by improving communication with and increasing the engagement and involvement of parents and carers.

C4EO and the Sheffield City Wide Learning Body (CWLB) is seeking to identify innovative and proven practice that will improve the educational attainment of children and young people throughout their school years. We know there is some excellent work in progress in some of our schools and we want to be able to share these more widely across all schools in Sheffield city.

Read more about this request for practice examples.

Request for evidence-based interventions at the earliest possible time

WAVE Trust and C4EO are dedicated to improving outcomes for children and families through the promotion of evidence-based interventions at the earliest possible time, both pre- and post- birth, with a particular emphasis on primary prevention ('Interventions which ward off the initial onset of a disorder' (i.e. stopping harm before it happens).

Read more on the WAVE Trust and C4EO request for practice examples (45Kb PDF file, 3 pages).

Children’s Centres and Early Years Settings

In the context of the reorganisation of children’s services as a whole in many local areas; the piloting of payment by results approaches in children’s centres; and changes to other aspects of early years services, we are keen to capture the good work that is already in place and to share this with others.

Read more about the Children’s Centres and Early Years Settings call for practice (159Kb PDF file).

Emerging Practice calls

Redesign of service delivery

C4EO is currently collecting practice examples of local area arrangements to redesign service delivery to be more efficient, effective and economic whilst also delivering an improved customer experience for all.

Read more about the redesign of service delivery call for practice (27Kb PDF file, 2 pages).

Local Authority and Voluntary and Community Sector Social Finance Initiatives

C4EO is conducting a mapping exercise of the different types of local area arrangements that are using social finance to improve children and young people’s outcomes. The intention is that by gathering this information, C4EO will be able to draw a map of existing practice from which other local areas can benefit.

Read more about the Local Authority and Voluntary and Community Sector Social Finance Initiatives call for practice (29Kb PDF file, 2 pages).