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Using interactive maps

Welcome to this tutorial section. Here you can learn more about how to use C4EO's interactive maps and the different options they offer for viewing data.

When selected, all tutorials open in a new window. At the bottom of this window you will find controls for playing, stopping, rewinding or forwarding the tutorials.

When you have watched each tutorial, you will find it useful to do the corresponding exercise to help reinforce your understanding. You can check your work against the model answers provided.

Single maps

The single maps allow you to choose an indicator and view or compare this indicator with other areas, such as government office regions or local authorities.

Launch the 'Single maps' tutorial (Accessible version)

Exercise: Find out about how your authority compares to others in relation to initial assessments for social care. Model answer (Single maps)

Double maps

In this tutorial we will look at the double maps, which allow you to compare two different indicators and view the relationships between them.

Launch the 'Double maps' tutorial (Accessible version)

Exercise: Explore the relationship between obesity at Reception and at Year 6. Model answer (Double maps)

Area profiles

This tutorial will introduce the 'area profiles', which enable you to quickly generate a report based on your choice of data sets and indicators. You can then export this report into many different formats for use locally, with your own systems.

Launch the 'area profiles' tutorial (Accessible version)

Exercise: Create a report offering strategies to improve the well being of disabled children. Model answer (Area profiles)

Advanced area profiles

In this tutorial we will be introducing the 'Advanced Area Profiles'. These profiles are more flexible than normal reports and offer more functions for obtaining tailored data.

Launch the 'Advanced area profiles' tutorial (Accessible version)

Exercise: How does your authority compare to others in relation to outcomes for early years? Model answer (Advanced area profiles)

Advanced data views

In this tutorial we will introduce the 'Advanced Data Views' which offer increased flexibility in choosing exactly what data you would like to view on the interactive map.

Launch the 'Advanced data views' tutorial (Accessible version)

Exercise: Create an excel table from selected report data. Model answer (Advanced data views)

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