Child Poverty

Welcome to the Child Poverty interactive e-learning resource created to support you in achieving outcomes for children.

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Interactive exercises

Test your understanding of key points or understand complex topics more clearly with our range of quick and fun interactive exercises.


Learn all about C4EO's data services and, in particular, interactive maps in the 'Data' section. Interactive maps have been created to allow you easy access to data about your area and allow you to compare data across regions.

In the 'Data' section you will find quick tours of interactive maps as well as 'How to' tutorials that provide you with the means to get the most out of this 'one-stop' knowledge base and easy-to-follow activities that should give you the confidence to get started.

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Video case studies

View video case studies of how the Sector Specialist role is supporting children’s services in the 'How we can help' section.

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